7 Things Guys Do That Express Love Better Than I Love You

There are certain acts better than those three magical words, certain expressions that spell charm and touch the deepest chords of the heart. Not everytime you need swanky tokens to show how immense your love is. And especially if it’s your lady love whom you want to woo or keep hooked in your love, the best things remain your attention and non-materialistic expressions.

Well, if you have any special occasion round the corner or wish to impress her after some fight, don’t rack your brain over magnificent gifts and hampers, play it simple and win her heart for good. And these 7 ways of expressing your love are way better than saying “I Love You” to her. Take the guide:

1. Giving Her The Larger Share Of Bed
Fighting over who has the larger share in bed is not a new argument between couples. However, it is cute! But for a change, offer her the larger bed share without complaint or when she slides in your space during sleep, let her be.

2. Bringing Breakfast to Bed
No matter how disciplined a person is, getting up in the morning is a tough task for all. So, why not show your love by not letting her step out of bed hurriedly for daily chores. Make her morning a good one by preparing a breakfast for her and presenting it to her in bed with a smile.

3. Giving Her The Space
There are times when the person wishes to be left alone. Giving her the space when she desires. If she feels too burdened or engrossed in her work, do not be clingy and sit with your own issues to be resolved.

4. Saying Sorry
When it’s your mistake or a fight requires a resolution, saying a sorry to keep the balance is not something you should feel bad about. Accept your mistakes when it is and ask for an apology to calm things down.

5. Surprising Her With Flowers
On her busy days when she hardly has any time to smile, give her a reason to do so. Give her a smile with a surprise of online flower delivery and let her mundane day be full of cheer and brightness.

6. Watching Her Favorite Movie/ Series
Even if you can hardly bear it, do it for her sometimes. Your interests might be different from her but doing things for her shall make her acknowledge how much you love her.

7. Bearing Her Mood Swings
She won’t be in good mood all the time. So, rather than making a fuss when she feels sad or is ill-tempered, be patient and calm and let the moment pass off. When she bounces back to being normal, she will definitely try to make things cool.

With these heart touching ways of delighting her, you are sure to bring her incessant smiles and give her reasons o love you a lot more.

Selling Your Gold Jewellery For Cash: What You Need To Know

Selling Your Gold Jewellery For Cash: What You Need To Know
When you need some extra cash, looking through your jewellery box is not a bad idea. Selling your old gold jewellery is one of the best ways to boost your finances. While this may sound like a straightforward process, it is not always as easy as it seems.

However, with reliable Melbourne gold buyers like us, you can be certain that you will enjoy the best value for your precious metal items. Here is everything you need to know about selling your gold jewellery for cash:

Manage your expectations-Granted, the idea of exchanging your jewellery for money is exciting. But it is always best to be realistic about your expectations to avoid getting disappointed during the selling process. While that gold necklace you have is a precious gift from your great-grandmother, to everyone else, it is merely a gold necklace. It may not be as valuable as you think. It is often impossible to sell your secondhand jewellery piece for an amount close to its buying price as jewellers run large margins for labour and rent that you can not get back.
Learn about the different appraisal processes-When looking for the best Melbourne gold buyers. Do not bother with appraisals, jewellery will not sell for its appraised value because appraisals are for insurance purposes only. Surprisingly, appraisals have nothing to do with the intrinsic value of your gold jewellery items. Granted, the appraised value is moredetermined by the retail cost to replace and profit for the retailer. However, the amount that you will receive from the gold buyers for your gold jewellery depends on variables such purity, weight and the market prices for gold.
Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! -In order to settle on the best value for your piece, it is advisable to be objective. For instance, when providing the value of a car, factors such as the model, the make and the year of manufacture are always taken into consideration. The process of selling your gold jewellery is no different. A professional gold buyer will evaluate your gold itemsbased on the weight and purity. It’s best to shop around multiple gold buyers to see who is offering the highest price per gram for gold.
Sell it to a reputable gold buyer -There are many pawnbrokers and gold buyers out there in Melbourne, unfortunately only a few do the right thing by their customers.At Melbourne gold buyers you can rest assured that our professionals will make you the best offer and we always do the right thing by their customers. We value all our customers and will always purchase any precious metals you have for sale regardless of its condition.
We are reliable Melbourne gold buyers who offer friendly services, convenience, high prices and no-obligation quotes. Do you have old jewellery that you need to sell? Bring it to our store and we will offer immediate payment. We look for a reason to buy and promise you fair and honest prices.

Fun Items to Surprise Your Bestie With on Her Birthday

Celebrating your best friend’s birthday when you are all the way away from her can be overwhelming. These days a lot of people travel abroad to finish off their education which means a lot of long distance friendships and relationships. So how do you surprise your best friend on her birthday without you physically being present in India with her? Thanks to the internet and online shopping and gifting sites, there are tons of affordable things that you can send to your loved ones while you are all the way in a different country!

Here are a few fun ways to surprise your best friend in India while you are all the way away from her studying in a different country altogether –

Send her a surprise cake

A lot of reputed gifting websites allow you to send cakes to India as they have their own brand tie ups with different reputed bakeries in every city. You can customize the cake on the basis of your best friend’s tastes and preferences and also add a custom message on the cake! You can send the cake directly at midnight if she is planning to have a house party at her place else you can send the cake over the next day. You can finalize the exact date and time with the customer representative team in your email to them. Thanks to gifting websites in India, you can easily send cake to Bhiwadi or even smaller towns across India for minimal delivery rates.

Send her flowers and chocolates

This is another affordable gifting option which you can select from the Indian gifting websites. You can send your best friend a customized bouquet with her favorite flowers or even a huge customized colorful assorted flowers basket! Along with this you can send her a box of assorted chocolates with all her favorite flavors neatly packed in a gift box. A lot of online gifting sites also give you a complimentary greeting card where you can ask them to write a personal message from your side. You can easily order this from the same place that offers to send cake to Bhiwadi as they will definitely have flowers and chocolates!

Assorted gift basket

An assorted gift basket can have cookies, biscuits, juice boxes, chocolates, cakes and a lot of other items neatly packed in a handmade gift basket. This is a slightly more expensive option but definitely worth the money because of the quantity and number of things you can add to this basket! You can also customize this box such a floral box where you can floral perfumes, flowers, cookies shaped as flowers and so on or also your best friend’s favorite cartoon character or TV series theme. The most common themes these days at Dr. Who television series themes as well as Harry Potter movie themes. If you bestie is a calorie conscious then you can make a custom gift basket with healthy snacks, dry fruits, sugar free cookies and dark chocolates.

Types of Muslim women clothing

Muslim women have a particular code of dressing. They need to follow this especially when they are going out in public spaces. Due to the Islamic religion and its beliefs, these certain dress codes are needed to be followed by them.

According to Islamic religious beliefs, women should keep themselves covered by wearing the modest possible clothes and only their faces and hands are supposed to be seen.

Islamic dressing for women thus has certain regulations and they are strictly followed in the countries where most of the population are Muslim. Also in other countries, Muslim community follows these rules and keep their women under veil. Here are some popular dress codes for Muslim women.


This is a loose dress which covers the entire body of a woman from head to toe. One can wear them on top of normal dresses when they are going outside the house. Here the entire body is covered and there is also a face veil which looks like a rectangular piece of cloth. This can also be made from translucent materials. The veil in stitched from the top of the head scarf loosely so that a woman an uplift the veil whenever needed.


This is a long cloak which can actually cover the entire body of a woman. This can also be wrapped around the head but it does not hang in the middle of the back. It goes straight till the toes of a woman. That is why; it can cover the entire body of a woman.


Another garment popularly worn by Muslim women. This is actually a scarf and a head covering which can cover the entire face of the woman except the eyes. This flows down till the middle of the back and also covers the hair of the woman which may fall till the mid chest of the front. But wearing a niqab is not a mandatory thing for Muslim women.


This one is mainly worn by the Islamic women to cover up their head and chest. There are different shapes of Hijab available like rectangle, square, plain and printed. In fact, varieties of fabric are also used to make these like chiffon, viscose, knit, georgette and satin. One has to match them with their dress and their face shapes to add elegance to their look.


This one is a loose fitting robe which covers almost every part of the body from neck to the toes. They are traditionally black in colour and simple looking but these days one can find them in varieties of colours and new designs and cuts are also available. One can wear front open abayas as well if they want to. If needed, they can pair the abaya with a hijab or head scarf a in some places, wearing a hijab is mandatory.

Modest clothing is important when it comes to Muslim women dress code. In order to get Muslim clothing for women one has to choose from the options that are available.

Give a Cake to Someone Today!

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary; make sure that you do not stay aloof from the splendour of cakes. There are vibrant options out there in cakes and you can pick as per your choice. These cakes are always rewarding and mesmerising.  If you want to expand your social circle, you can make the most of these cakes.

A bond with Colleagues

If you are working in an office and you have some really good colleagues out there. Make sure that you don’t let them slip away from your social circle. It is not that you flatter them; it is just that you should make them feel special at least on their special days. if you feel hesitant to do something for them in office then make sure you do something for them at home for example if you are working in Chandigarh, and you are at office right now; what you can do is; just order cake in Chandigarh and get it delivered at their place. This way such a surprise will definitely make their day. They are going to feel loved and appreciated. Believe it or not these gestures actually count a lot in this world.

A personal touch

Since there are so many messengers, online platforms and other things for sending messages or wishes; people are getting really lazy. Today most of your loved ones simply drop you a message on your birthday. They don’t make any effort to call you or do something for you. Indeed, such a message is so dull and fading right? Don’t you think that these are no longer wishes but just formalities? If you want that your wish is taken as warmth wish then why not something do really special if it is your uncle and aunts wedding anniversary; what you can do is; just send them a delicious wedding cake. No matter they are in the same city or in another city; your cake will reach them without any inconvenience. You can go for cakes like truffle, chocolate chip cake, butterscotch cake, vanilla with chocolate cake and many other options. Even if you want that they love fruits you can go for fruit cake too. Such a cake will really make their day and you will be happy too. The happiness that comes from making any other person happy is matchless. This cake will increase your value in their eyes and they will definitely count you as their true loved ones.

Win the kids

Kids are always craving for love and affection. If it is your knees birthday and you don’t live with them in the same city; that is alright. Make sure that you do something for her that she considers you really dear to her. After all, when you love someone so much; there should not be any hesitation to show it. You can simply send them a token of love. There are different types of cakes out there that are absolutely heart winning.  Special cakes for kids are also there. You can find cartoon and stylish cakes for kids. You can even pick a creative message on the cake. This way the cake will make her day right away.

Thus, make the most of cakes for occasions in your life!

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Guitar Strings Online –

Buying guitar strings from an outlet is quite hectic and the reason is that there are not many outlets available and you might have to travel a long distance to get one. Furthermore, unless you put the strings in your guitar, you will never know the sound quality and tone they are producing. It is also going to be difficult to return or replace them as the outlets are situated quite far away. Instead, it is a better option to buy guitar strings online due to extensive review available from genuine buyers and you will also get huge discounts if you purchase them during offer season. The followings are some of the factors to keep in mind while buying strings online.
buy guitar strings online

Factors To Consider While Buying Online –

String Type – Never get influenced by the price tag of nylon and steel string. If your guitar supports string strings do not buy nylon string because they are not interchangeable. Classical guitars require nylon strings while acoustic and electric guitars require steel strings. Furthermore, there are other metallic strings that are suitable either for acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Therefore, you have to make sure that the strings you are about to buy are compatible with your guitar or not.

Thickness Type – Having knowledge and knowing the overall differences between lighter and heavier gauge strings are not enough. You have to know the exact measurements when you buy guitar strings online. For example, there are strings that are extra light, custom light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.  You have to know which string is perfect for your guitar. When it comes to choosing the right gauge, you have to take into consideration, the body type, tone, playing style, and the instrumental age. This is going to be the most important factor that will determine the sound quality you get.

String Sub-Type or Material – There are various strings available for acoustic and electric guitars such a nickel strings, bronze steel, polymer-coated strings, brass strings, and likewise. The use of different construction material helps to produce different type of tonal quality. You have to know what type of string produces which type of sound so that you can buy the required ones to produce the desired sound. You might have to experiment a lot to find the exact playing style and sound you want.

Wound Type – Guitar strings are made by wrapping around a core. Based on the wrapping, there are different types of string available like some are suitable for round wound while others are for flat wound. Round wound string is common and standard. But flat wound strings are smoother and reduce noise. Apart from these two, there is another type called half-wound which is a mixture of the two.

Apart from these factors, you have to choose between coated and uncoated strings. Coated strings have less sustain but they are at least two to three times more durable. Before orders, check out the reviews from the genuine buyers to make sure the strings produce the exact result as expected and have all the qualities as displayed.

Acknowledge yourself with latest fashion trends for women

Womens usually love to buy different variety of clothes. If you are seeking for the latest trends. Go through online clothing websites and know thoroughly about fashion trends. You need to browse the catalogues to explore the latest dresses.

Latest fashion trends
  • Floral dresses-Floral dresses are trending nowadays. It comes with different varieties. Floral shirts, tops and evening gowns are made to satisfy the customer demands and needs. If you want to buy the best floral attire, visit online clothing stores and explore the variety of floral dresses just to buy or shop the most beautiful floral dress online at reasonable prices. Floral dress look extremely very beautiful and graceful. Usually, most of the women prefer floral dresses for summer season. You will surely get the best variety of floral dress from online store at nominal price.
  • Evening gowns -Evening gowns are the ongoing trend. Stylish and designer evening gowns are highly preferred to flaunt in grand events and parties. Evening gowns gives showstopper and Princess look. If you want to look like a fairy or princess, buy an amazing evening gown. If you are seeking for evening gowns, visit online clothing websites and discover the variety of evening gowns to shop the most suitable one. Online stores also offer free delivery service to the shoppers who buy designer dresses of high range.
  • Peplum and cold shoulder tops -Normally, tops never go out of style. Stylish toppers are always manufactured to satisfy the demands of teens and youngsters. Peplum and cold shoulder tops are in huge demand. These kind of toppers look very amazing and beautiful. Peplum and cold shoulder tops are greatly available at online clothing stores in wide variety. If you want to buy such kind of designer tops, go through online stores and satisfy your demands.
  • Denim dresses-Denim dresses are also in trend. Short denim frocks, denim dungarees, denim Maxi, denim kurtis and many more are in huge demand. Denim attires look elegant and attractive. Are you seriously looking for denim attires, just visit online clothing websites immediately and discover the variety of denim dresses to find the best denim dress for yourself. Online stores offer good quality dresses with free online delivery services to satisfy the demands and needs of the shoppers.
  • Traditional outfits -Basically, at online stores you will find the latest fashion clothes for women. If you are willing to buy any of the most attractive and suitable dress, go through online stores and buy it at reasonable price. Usually, there is a huge variety of traditional attires are available, you can easily buy it from online stores at lowest prices.
If you looking for the latest fashion trends for women, immediately run back to the online clothing stores and explore the variety of clothes. You will surely find the latest trends for women over there. Online stores are basically good at providing qualitative clothes at reasonable prices.

Cakes are Awesome for Anniversaries

Anniversaries are for celebrations. No matter it’s been an year, ten years, silver anniversary or half century; you should celebrate the day with great spirit. You have the options to make days count in your life. There are special gestures that you can do in your relationships and friendships that would make your life beautiful.

Is it your friends’ anniversary?

Is it your friend’s anniversary the coming Sunday? What have you planned for him? Is there anything special you have thought about? Come on, it is alright if you are not available to visit him personally but that doesn’t mean you won’t do anything for him. Here, you should do something special for them. It won’t take more than five minutes to do so. You can spend a nominal amount on a bouquet and get it delivered at their address. That would be really lovely. After all, it is all about what you do to keep them loved.

Even if it is your mentors wedding anniversary and he is quite old now; that is perfectly okay. You can go for some exclusive cakes. There are sugar free cakes too so as to celebrate the days. You can send a delicious and beautiful anniversary sugar less cake to him. This way that would be really memorable for him and you too. After all it is all about memories and gestures.  After years, you can proudly remember these gestures and moves.

When there is no shortage in wedding anniversary cakes, you should not hesitate to make them a part of your life. These cakes are available in different designs, flavours, sizes and rates. If you have never seen the variety of cakes in this present 21st century then you need to see now. These cakes are available in plenty. There are options that won’t disappoint anyone. Flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, butterscotch, mixed fruit and so on are making the pallets craving for more.  Adding to this, the designs are absolutely hypnotic. There are different types of designs, shades, patterns and creativity available in cakes.

Celebrate Yourself!

You can also celebrate yourself. Yes, if it is your wedding anniversary and you are a retired couple; that is absolutely fine. You can order a tasty cake for yourself. This cake will make your spouse and you absolutely delightful. The pleasure of celebrating a day with your partner that too in the presence of a delicious cake is really wonderful.  Cakes are always exciting, tasty and fulfilling. Even if guests visit house, that would also be a win-win situation for you. A single cake can give away a slice to various people present in the celebration. After all, cakes are always for everyone. A single person cannot eat it all and the fellows join in for the wholesome experience. If you are wondering that by the time the cakes delivered you they might lose their freshness then you are wrong. It is the responsibility of the deliverers to ensure the freshness.

So, make sure that you are not leaving behind any special days. Wedding anniversaries are to be celebrated.  These cakes can make anyone feel loved, appreciated and adored. 

Selection Criteria To Become A Full-Time Image Model

The field of modelling and fashion industry has managed to capture the interest of many people since decades. The scores of advertisements we see around us have glorified this profession, and many youngsters are seriously considering this line as their full-time vocation.

Despite the glitz and glamour associated with this field, there are many doubts regarding world image models, for example, the strict requirements for age, height and weight. In addition, a large majority of people thinks that only those with sharp and beautiful features can make it to the top of this industry. In order to dispel these myths, let us look at some kinds of modelling assignments and the selection criteria that they have.

Models for walking on the ramp

The first image we get about models is of those walking the runway. However, there are strict requirements of age, height and body portions for this type of modelling. In general, female models with a minimum height of 5 feet and 9 inches are selected for runway modelling.

Since these models are expected to fit in pre-made clothes, their body proportions are also fixed, depending on the collection. In addition, they should have prominent cheekbones and chiseled jawline. All these requirements are necessary for showcasing the clothes in a proper manner.

Models for print and electronic media

This modelling is the one that has immense scope for models. This is because advertisements on print media and electronic media are made for different products. Therefore, world image models are chosen for this type of assignments, solely based on their personality and their match with the product or service to be advertised. There are no strict rules for age, body type and physical attributes for the  modelling.

Models for body parts

A very interesting line of models is of those who feature in advertisements for specific body parts. The only criteria for these models are to have well-groomed and shapely body parts for the specific assignments. For example, modelling for a nail paint brand would require a model with shapely hands and nails. Similarly, an advertisement for anklets and toe rings will require models with exceptionally pretty feet, and an advertisement for a shampoo would require a model with beautiful hair.

Models for health and fitness

This category of modelling is for people who have a sporty and athletic built. A woman with broad shoulders and large body frame might not be suitable for runway modelling, but will be a perfect fit for modelling in this group, that includes products and services like sports equipment and accessories and weight loss programs. These assignments do not have strict criteria for age, height and weight of a model, but they look for a fit body.

With the advent of different categories of modelling, numerous avenues for world image models have come up. Therefore, anyone who is interested in modelling as a career should try to pursue their interest, regardless of their age, height and weight. The only important criteria for a prospective model is to be confident and comfortable in their body.

Factors To Consider Before Booking Best Wedding Venue

Is your wedding-venue selection giving you a great headache? Well, this is quite a common scenario with almost every couple. No other occasion is much important than the wedding and this is a hardcore fact. Wedding-venues need to be chosen carefully so that the events can be celebrated with great pleasure and enjoyment. Finding a wedding venue in Hertfordshire is not an easy task and this is why people out there are appointing expert event-managers for dealing with the same.  

Best tips for booking wedding-venue:
Early-booking: Selecting wedding-venue is as important as preparing wedding-budget. Last-moment booking might make you are drowning and this is why you are strongly suggested booking the desirable venue from the very beginning. Early preparation will definitely enable you in avoiding the unwanted mess. You should book the venue at least 3-4 months before the occurrence of the wedding event. Now, you can make easy online-booking directly by visiting the official page. Booking a wedding venue in Hertfordshire is very much essential for getting the venue availability on time.
Budgeted venue-booking: Well, nobody can go beyond his budget-limit especially in case of making venue-selection for the wedding. You should ascertain your budget first so that you can find out the best wedding-venue suiting your pocket-limit. Early-booking sometimes caters you the facility of availing even expensive venues at an affordable rate and you should make your move by keeping the concerned thing in mind. You can also make savings from beginning in case you wish to book an expensive venue.
Venue-location: Venues are booking in weddings so that guests can be invited and if guests fail to reach the venues then your booking will go in the veil. Therefore, before booking any wedding-venue it is very much essential to get a proper idea about the locality. The locality should be connected by all transportation means so that the guests can reach the venue easily. Moreover, only those locations are to be chosen that are pretty close to airports so that guests can quickly drop into the venues without taking long hours. You can ask the venue-representative over the phone regarding what is the shortest route to the venue.   
Venue amenities: The venues should be equipped with some common amenities otherwise the event purpose will not get served at all.  Some amenities come as complimentary while the cost of most of them are already been added within the booking-cost only. Make sure that the available amenities can offer the highest level of satisfaction to your guests. Luxurious venues have got elite amenities and these amenities can enhance the enjoyment-level of guests to a great extent.
Best deals: Now, wedding venues are getting available at great deals. These deals should be grabbed so that budget-friendly packages can be obtained. These packages can make your expenses reduced. The deals can be compared with each other for getting the most appropriate one.
These are the few important factors that you should look into before going for the selection of the best wedding venue of your choice.  A wedding venue in Hertfordshire can be now easily hired after considering the above factors.