Tips to Cheat Smartly on Your HCG Diet

Hey, we are not encouraging you to cheat. We know cheating is not good and it can hinder you from reaching your weight loss goal. But, let us accept, it happens even to the best of us. We all want to follow the HCG protocol religiously to gain our dream figure. But, we may lose track once in a while, especially, if we are chasing a high weight loss goal. This article is meant to help you save from guilt and bring you back on the track if you cheat on your HCG diet plan. So, please don’t take the HCG diet for granted and think that you can cheat and still get the desired result. Focus on following your diet and if you mistakenly cheat on your diet, remember not to beat yourself or be ashamed. You cannot undo the damages you cause by cheating on HCG diet but you can lessen the effects. Read on these ideas that can help you in repairing the damages.

Drink lots of water – The day of cheating must be followed by the day of repentance. When you eat more than 500-calories or a food item you are not allowed during the HCG protocol, you gain some extra weight. But, remember, this extra weight is not fat so you can easily flush it out. And, you already know what helps your body in flushing out toxins and sodium? Exactly! It is water, simple plain water! So you should increase the amount of water you drink on your repentance day as compared to your normal diet days. But, don’t overdo it.

Replace carbohydrate with protein – Obviously, you are already on a very clean diet while following the HCG diet protocol. But, remember you cheated on that clean diet protocol and so you need to repent by making your diet cleaner. There’s no cheat book for the HCG diet but many dieters have suggested that they found it essentially beneficial to eat only proteins and vegetables to recover from the damages of a cheat day. You can eliminate any food from your diet plan but you are not allowed to starve yourself.

Don’t try to burn calories by exercising – Many people take it as a very simple calculation... you consumed extra calories on your diet, just exercise to burn off those calories. It may sound logical and may also work for other diet programmes. But, HCG diet programme is different from all other diet programmes. And, exercising is strictly prohibited during this diet programme. It won’t be smart decision to commit a mistake knowingly to compensate the other mistake. No exercise is an important part of HCG protocol and you should follow it throughout the diet programme.

Don’t go for an apple day – You might have heard some dieters talk about an apple day to fix the damages of a cheat day on their diet. But, we strongly recommend not going for an apple day in order to fix damages of a cheat day. Think logically... what would you gain by eating 3-4 apples in a day? It is mostly carbohydrates and sugar. When you are working on a goal to lose weight you need to bring your sugar and carbohydrate intake to the minimum level and increase the amount of protein. So why would you dedicate the whole day to sugar and carbohydrate consumption? Apple days have been designed for weight stalls, not for a cheat day. If you see your weight at the same point, for four consecutive days, without any particular reason, then only should you go on an apple day.

No need to increase your HCG dose – There are a few dieters who double their HCG dose after the cheat day. You should be very clear that the HCG is not a medicine to burn off the calories you intake. HCG is a natural hormone produced in the body of pregnant women. The function of the hormone is to break the stored fat in the body and utilize it to give energy and nutrition to the body. You won’t find rapid weight loss or any other such benefits by increasing the prescribed HCG drops. So, stick to your normal HCG dose even after you cheat on your HCG diet. There are more certain things to know about an HCG diet. You should utilize all possible resources to know the facts about HCG diet so that you don’t get misguided by any unnecessary logic or myths.

See the reason behind your cheat – You started your diet with a very good intention to lose weight. You were fully motivated to do whatever it takes to reach at your ideal weight. But, you slipped off the track. There must be a reason behind it. The smartest thing you can do after cheating on your HCG diet is to evaluate your condition and find the reason behind the cheat. If you are constantly feeling hungry, the dose of HCG may not be working properly for you. In that case, you need to meet the expert, because, the function of HCG is not to let you feel hungry. It might be that you got tempted after seeing your favorite junk food or you surrendered to someone’s friendly pressure to eat something out of your diet list. Whatever is the reason, search it and tackle it so that you won't be a repeat cheater?

You may feel like a failure after cheating on your HCG diet. But, you should really not feel like that. Falling once or twice in a race does not necessarily make you a loser unless you lose your hope and leave the race. It is very common for dieters to cheat on their diet plan. But, what creates the difference between the successful and unsuccessful dieter, is their attitude to handle the situation. When you smartly handle the damages caused by the cheat, you’ll easily be able to come back on the track and start your race to reach your fitness goal. 

Gift Your Sweet Love Abroad

Gifts are the keepsakes of love and gratefulness, often given to or exchanged with the people you love and care about, your workplace colleagues and business partners. Although a custom mostly followed during holidays and other major and minor occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. It also can be seen as a deed of altruism- which means the unselfish concern and care for happiness of others.  It reflects our gratefulness, and appreciation, as well as reinforces bonds with others. We come closer, strengthen ties and feeling good and eventually come closer to the one giving us gifts as tokens of happiness.It is a simple way to express feelings of love and concern, to show that you care and to maintain long-lasting relationships in both the personal and professional field. It creates a cycle of happiness as giving a gift can create as much happiness in the giver as much as it would generate in the recipient.

Although gift-giving can be a de-stressor and create balance, the hunt for the perfect gift for friends and family can also cause a lot of stress. The costs of gifts and packaging can be a financial burden at times.
While it feels great to send a gift to a friend or relative, the budget can be quite haunting at times. Cheaper and budget-friendly gifting options that can save you in such circumstances.So,we provide you with budget-friendly options such as a box of chocolates for your loved one. The frequent holidays all over the world make it easier to bond over it.
Our company delivers online chocolates to Pakistan, which you can order from the vicinity of your home and let us do the hard work. Our chocolates come with various fillings such as caramel, Oreo cream, cream cheese, burnt marshmallow and bubblegum. Some chocolates for ultimate sugar addicts include sugar dusted ones. Our personal favorite is the honey and almond nougats ones. Chocolate chip cookies and marshmallow candies are a bestseller. Cadbury chocolates are obviously having the largest fan following with so many new options nowadays.
Our chocolate baskets and chocolate bouquets are to be specially made for your recipient, and you may choose to add personal touch, words of encouragement or best wishes through it. It will always be there as a token of your love. Our gold and pralinechocolate box contains chocolates of the elite quality and the truffle box is filled with chocolate truffles from all over the world. The molten lava chocolates are heavenly and contain the surprise of a liquid chocolate inside.
As the internet has rose to power, it brings us easier ways such as voice chat, video call, online greeting cards and other new and exciting ways to keep in touch with people living far away from us. Send chocolates to Pakistan online through our website and find your family or friend out there surprised and happy, make your bond strong without even having to visit them too often. It is the simplest way to spread happiness and cheer, even if you are a busy person.

Choose gifts for a new house

House warming parties have become a very common thing these days. People after buying their own abode always try to share their happiness with their friends and near and dear ones. That is why; they throw a party to show how they have decorated there new den.

When one is invited to a house warming party, they should not go there empty hand. It is a good idea to take a gift along and while buying the gift, one should keep the occasion in mind. For hamper delivery UK, one can check online sites but if you are gifting them in person, then some gifts related on the new house can be very exciting.

If one is still in a dilemma on what to gift then here are some options which they can try.
  • One can go for simple gifts like cookies hampers and other things like a small tea bag collection with a pack of herbal tea, honey tea, green tea and cinnamon tea. Those who are not very fond of sweets can be gifted with a basket of assorted cookies like coffee flavored, peanut butter flavored and cinnamon flavored.
  • Gifting a home decor is any day a great idea in a house warming party. A nice and cozy lamp shade or a sleek wall hanging can be a great option. If you are going for lamp shades then you can go for corner stand lamps or table lamps for them. Do not try to buy a big one. Instead go for a small or a medium sized one which they can keep anywhere they want. Try to go for sleek table lamps as they can easily fit at any corner of the house.The house owners will love it as they can easily decorate their new house with these decors.
  • Take a bottle of red wine to their house warming party and I am sure they are going to love it. Choose a nice wine bag before you put the bottle into it and tie it up with a ribbon so that it looks nice. This is a lovely gift and one can even greet the guests at the party with this.
  • If you want to buy a gift which is something fancy then scented candles can be a very good option for you. This can light the new home and can also spread some nice aromas around the corners as well. A set of scented candles can be bought and packed nicely as a gift
  • A new house always needs a new nameplate. So why not customize a nameplate for the new owners of the house? You can pick their favorite color and write their names on a nameplate and gift them. This will definitely bring a smile on their face.
Online Hampers UK is available and one can get a lot of options there. If you cannot be there present in the occasion you can always send a gift hamper to them with your warm wishes.

How To Shop Around For The Best And Luxury Watches For You?

Watches are quite useful for anyone. These are used by different people on different occasions for vast ranges of purposes. Some people like to use watches regularly while some others prefer using the same only during special occasions. What is more important is to get the best watches for you so that you may keep on using the same without experiencing any difficulties or problems. Numbers of companies and brands are there. You may opt for Patek Philippe Watches and similar other leading brands so as to remain totally satisfied with your unique piece. Here are some important tips or points that may help you to shop around for the best and luxury watches for you.
Determine what you can spend on the watches

First of all, you need to determine what you can actually spend on Patek Philippe Watches or similar other types. It is because every person has varying budgets for various accessories. Same holds true for the watches as well. By being aware of your specific budget limits, you may shop around for the best watches easily as you can limit your search to specific price range. Also, it narrows down your search and you are not distracted by watches that are out of your budget.

Be specific about the particular type of watch required by you

Before starting your search for the best watches, you need to specifically know what type of watch you actually wish to buy. As an instance, you may shop for men’s watches, women’s watches, normal watches, luxury watches, designer watches, simple watches or such watches that may be used by people of both genders.

Keep in mind your unique purpose

Also, you need to keep in mind your unique purpose for which you wish to buy the best watches. You may shop around for the watches for routine use, casual use, and official use or for some special occasions. Depending upon your specific purpose, you may look around for the watches accordingly.

Check model and makeup carefully

Apart from other factors, you need to pay attention to the outer appearance, model, and makeup of the watch too. You must select a watch that has the great outer appearance and impressive looks. You may go for unique shapes and designs so as to steal the attention of all as you wear your watch.

Buy warranted watches only

It is best to opt for such watches that have the warranty for some specific time period. It is because you may get the entire watch or some of its parts repaired or replaced within the warranty period without the need to pay even a penny if so required. Hence you are saved from spending money again and again and unnecessarily.

Durability is also important

Besides warranty, you also need to check durability factor. It is best to shop for such watches that may last long without the need to get the same repaired or replaced. Watches available from top brands including Patek Philippe Watches are suitable in this respect.

By shopping around for the best watches, you may strike the best deal and also impress others.

Face Up to Your Face!

Skin is taken for granted, even when people think they are taking care of it, they are likely overlooking vital protection for it. It looks after you, so return the favour at least. A person’s skin is their largest organ and covers the entire body, a remarkable barrier that shields the inside of the body from the rest of the world. Skin is a wonder cloth that can even heal itself when it gets damaged in many cases of injury. Not only does skin achieve all of these great things, but when it is treated with some kindness, skin produces a healthy glow that catches the eyes of many people around you.

Expose Skin to Some Care

Our skin is exposed to the world from day one, arms, hands; mostly the face. First it comes under the intense battering from the sun and the elements; then come the things that we do to our skin ourselves with a diet that neglects it and chief among the neglect of skin is water. Humans are made up of mostly water, which means it is very important to stock up on those water levels and it will help the skin too. Want glowing skin, then eating the correct healthy, balanced diet and ensuring you have an intake of plenty of fluids and the skin will do the work for you if it is given the right tools to make it look great.

Giving Skin a Boost

Sometimes however, everything always needs a helping hand now and again, this is just as true for someone’s skin. One of the main culprits for damaging skin is UV rays from the sun, exposing oneself to the sun’s rays speeds up the ageing process, additionally the regular grind of stress, combined with the lack of time, as well as sleeping badly can very often show on the skin. Evidenced by a pale complexion, red or blotchy skin or bags and dark circles around the eyes. It is chiefly the face that bears the brunt, so it is important to bring in the troops, using face care products Malaysia.

No two coverings of skin are the same, nor is the make up of it; pores get clogged and not always do the dead cells on the skin get washed away. So if you want to make your skin less of a dogsbody barrier that bears the brunt of the outside world, and more of a badge of honour that gleams with a fresh, youthful glow, exfoliators will banish the dead skin. UV protection will provide a block from the harmful damage the sun does to our skin. Putting some night cream on will also protect and help repair the skin during the reparative process of sleep itself. The biggest cause of concern with skin is wrinkles, a painful reminder that skin is not immune to time, firming and wrinkle smoothing creams will hold the ageing at bay, helping skin get on with its work.

Beach Towels: How to Find the Best Materials That Suit You!

How nice it is to have yourself wrapped in fluffy, absorbent, and soft bath towels right after you took a bath! Still, not all towels are made on equal terms. Even if the towel that seems super soft at the store, it can deflate right after a wash or two. With trained eyes, you’ll be able to spot a high-quality towel with no hassles.
Beach Towels

Here are the tips on how to pick beach towels.

Understand What Makes the Product a High-Quality One.

For starters, towels for different applications will benefit from numerous fabrics, whether they’re used for drying your dishes or your body. You should bear in mind that absorbency made by maximizing surface areas.

The cotton towels are the best for bodies and hands, while linen towels are the best for the glassware and dishes. Terry is designed from the most absorbent fabrics. It’s an ideal material for body and hand drying as it’s looped on body tips; therefore, increasing its surface areas. Crash linen is the combination of rayon, cotton, and linen that works really wheel for washing dishes. It helps to increase the evaporation rate.

Damask linen is suited for drying dishes and glasses in which lint-free results matter. Flax is designed from durable and absorbent fabrics. It’s naturally resistant to microscopic bacteria; hence, collects 20% of its initial water weight and won’t leave lint on glassware.

Think About the Content of the Towel and Its Fabric.

High-quality towels are usually designed from fine, durable cotton fiber. Some of the most costly towels are designed from Brazilian or Egyptian fabrics. While hard to find, Turkish towels are another excellent choice of long fiber cotton that’s grown in Eastern states.

Do Your Own Research.

While searching for towels, try looking and feeling the material to see if they fit your wants and specifications. Look closely! Do the fabrics stand up like a grass in a garden? If yes, that is a good indicator! If they’re flat, they won’t work or feel that well.

Now, feel them. Are they rough or are they soft? If the towel is rough or feels like a canvas sheet, it’s designed from low-quality materials. But, if it’s soft, it’s of good quality. Check the size. If you’re a tall or large person, search for bath towels which are bigger than the common size and that make drying easier.
Don’t Limit Your Selections.
Look for the best deals. Set a budget for your own venture. If you want to buy the materials designed from high-quality fabrics, it’ll cost you more! On the other hand, more expensive towels will also have longer durability; hence, allowing you to save in the long run since you don’t have to replace them on a regular basis.

Find the towels with the same color as your bathroom decorations. Bear in mind that tinted towels will eventually fade. White towels can always be bleached if required, to restore their original form.

Towels come in different sizes that you’ll want to think about before purchasing one. Next, the standard ones used for drying after a bath or shower is 27” x 52”, whereas a bath sheet is larger at 35” x 60”.

7 Things Guys Do That Express Love Better Than I Love You

There are certain acts better than those three magical words, certain expressions that spell charm and touch the deepest chords of the heart. Not everytime you need swanky tokens to show how immense your love is. And especially if it’s your lady love whom you want to woo or keep hooked in your love, the best things remain your attention and non-materialistic expressions.

Well, if you have any special occasion round the corner or wish to impress her after some fight, don’t rack your brain over magnificent gifts and hampers, play it simple and win her heart for good. And these 7 ways of expressing your love are way better than saying “I Love You” to her. Take the guide:

1. Giving Her The Larger Share Of Bed
Fighting over who has the larger share in bed is not a new argument between couples. However, it is cute! But for a change, offer her the larger bed share without complaint or when she slides in your space during sleep, let her be.

2. Bringing Breakfast to Bed
No matter how disciplined a person is, getting up in the morning is a tough task for all. So, why not show your love by not letting her step out of bed hurriedly for daily chores. Make her morning a good one by preparing a breakfast for her and presenting it to her in bed with a smile.

3. Giving Her The Space
There are times when the person wishes to be left alone. Giving her the space when she desires. If she feels too burdened or engrossed in her work, do not be clingy and sit with your own issues to be resolved.

4. Saying Sorry
When it’s your mistake or a fight requires a resolution, saying a sorry to keep the balance is not something you should feel bad about. Accept your mistakes when it is and ask for an apology to calm things down.

5. Surprising Her With Flowers
On her busy days when she hardly has any time to smile, give her a reason to do so. Give her a smile with a surprise of online flower delivery and let her mundane day be full of cheer and brightness.

6. Watching Her Favorite Movie/ Series
Even if you can hardly bear it, do it for her sometimes. Your interests might be different from her but doing things for her shall make her acknowledge how much you love her.

7. Bearing Her Mood Swings
She won’t be in good mood all the time. So, rather than making a fuss when she feels sad or is ill-tempered, be patient and calm and let the moment pass off. When she bounces back to being normal, she will definitely try to make things cool.

With these heart touching ways of delighting her, you are sure to bring her incessant smiles and give her reasons o love you a lot more.

Selling Your Gold Jewellery For Cash: What You Need To Know

Selling Your Gold Jewellery For Cash: What You Need To Know
When you need some extra cash, looking through your jewellery box is not a bad idea. Selling your old gold jewellery is one of the best ways to boost your finances. While this may sound like a straightforward process, it is not always as easy as it seems.

However, with reliable Melbourne gold buyers like us, you can be certain that you will enjoy the best value for your precious metal items. Here is everything you need to know about selling your gold jewellery for cash:

Manage your expectations-Granted, the idea of exchanging your jewellery for money is exciting. But it is always best to be realistic about your expectations to avoid getting disappointed during the selling process. While that gold necklace you have is a precious gift from your great-grandmother, to everyone else, it is merely a gold necklace. It may not be as valuable as you think. It is often impossible to sell your secondhand jewellery piece for an amount close to its buying price as jewellers run large margins for labour and rent that you can not get back.
Learn about the different appraisal processes-When looking for the best Melbourne gold buyers. Do not bother with appraisals, jewellery will not sell for its appraised value because appraisals are for insurance purposes only. Surprisingly, appraisals have nothing to do with the intrinsic value of your gold jewellery items. Granted, the appraised value is moredetermined by the retail cost to replace and profit for the retailer. However, the amount that you will receive from the gold buyers for your gold jewellery depends on variables such purity, weight and the market prices for gold.
Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! -In order to settle on the best value for your piece, it is advisable to be objective. For instance, when providing the value of a car, factors such as the model, the make and the year of manufacture are always taken into consideration. The process of selling your gold jewellery is no different. A professional gold buyer will evaluate your gold itemsbased on the weight and purity. It’s best to shop around multiple gold buyers to see who is offering the highest price per gram for gold.
Sell it to a reputable gold buyer -There are many pawnbrokers and gold buyers out there in Melbourne, unfortunately only a few do the right thing by their customers.At Melbourne gold buyers you can rest assured that our professionals will make you the best offer and we always do the right thing by their customers. We value all our customers and will always purchase any precious metals you have for sale regardless of its condition.
We are reliable Melbourne gold buyers who offer friendly services, convenience, high prices and no-obligation quotes. Do you have old jewellery that you need to sell? Bring it to our store and we will offer immediate payment. We look for a reason to buy and promise you fair and honest prices.

Fun Items to Surprise Your Bestie With on Her Birthday

Celebrating your best friend’s birthday when you are all the way away from her can be overwhelming. These days a lot of people travel abroad to finish off their education which means a lot of long distance friendships and relationships. So how do you surprise your best friend on her birthday without you physically being present in India with her? Thanks to the internet and online shopping and gifting sites, there are tons of affordable things that you can send to your loved ones while you are all the way in a different country!

Here are a few fun ways to surprise your best friend in India while you are all the way away from her studying in a different country altogether –

Send her a surprise cake

A lot of reputed gifting websites allow you to send cakes to India as they have their own brand tie ups with different reputed bakeries in every city. You can customize the cake on the basis of your best friend’s tastes and preferences and also add a custom message on the cake! You can send the cake directly at midnight if she is planning to have a house party at her place else you can send the cake over the next day. You can finalize the exact date and time with the customer representative team in your email to them. Thanks to gifting websites in India, you can easily send cake to Bhiwadi or even smaller towns across India for minimal delivery rates.

Send her flowers and chocolates

This is another affordable gifting option which you can select from the Indian gifting websites. You can send your best friend a customized bouquet with her favorite flowers or even a huge customized colorful assorted flowers basket! Along with this you can send her a box of assorted chocolates with all her favorite flavors neatly packed in a gift box. A lot of online gifting sites also give you a complimentary greeting card where you can ask them to write a personal message from your side. You can easily order this from the same place that offers to send cake to Bhiwadi as they will definitely have flowers and chocolates!

Assorted gift basket

An assorted gift basket can have cookies, biscuits, juice boxes, chocolates, cakes and a lot of other items neatly packed in a handmade gift basket. This is a slightly more expensive option but definitely worth the money because of the quantity and number of things you can add to this basket! You can also customize this box such a floral box where you can floral perfumes, flowers, cookies shaped as flowers and so on or also your best friend’s favorite cartoon character or TV series theme. The most common themes these days at Dr. Who television series themes as well as Harry Potter movie themes. If you bestie is a calorie conscious then you can make a custom gift basket with healthy snacks, dry fruits, sugar free cookies and dark chocolates.

Types of Muslim women clothing

Muslim women have a particular code of dressing. They need to follow this especially when they are going out in public spaces. Due to the Islamic religion and its beliefs, these certain dress codes are needed to be followed by them.

According to Islamic religious beliefs, women should keep themselves covered by wearing the modest possible clothes and only their faces and hands are supposed to be seen.

Islamic dressing for women thus has certain regulations and they are strictly followed in the countries where most of the population are Muslim. Also in other countries, Muslim community follows these rules and keep their women under veil. Here are some popular dress codes for Muslim women.


This is a loose dress which covers the entire body of a woman from head to toe. One can wear them on top of normal dresses when they are going outside the house. Here the entire body is covered and there is also a face veil which looks like a rectangular piece of cloth. This can also be made from translucent materials. The veil in stitched from the top of the head scarf loosely so that a woman an uplift the veil whenever needed.


This is a long cloak which can actually cover the entire body of a woman. This can also be wrapped around the head but it does not hang in the middle of the back. It goes straight till the toes of a woman. That is why; it can cover the entire body of a woman.


Another garment popularly worn by Muslim women. This is actually a scarf and a head covering which can cover the entire face of the woman except the eyes. This flows down till the middle of the back and also covers the hair of the woman which may fall till the mid chest of the front. But wearing a niqab is not a mandatory thing for Muslim women.


This one is mainly worn by the Islamic women to cover up their head and chest. There are different shapes of Hijab available like rectangle, square, plain and printed. In fact, varieties of fabric are also used to make these like chiffon, viscose, knit, georgette and satin. One has to match them with their dress and their face shapes to add elegance to their look.


This one is a loose fitting robe which covers almost every part of the body from neck to the toes. They are traditionally black in colour and simple looking but these days one can find them in varieties of colours and new designs and cuts are also available. One can wear front open abayas as well if they want to. If needed, they can pair the abaya with a hijab or head scarf a in some places, wearing a hijab is mandatory.

Modest clothing is important when it comes to Muslim women dress code. In order to get Muslim clothing for women one has to choose from the options that are available.