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Black prom dresses are one of the best options you can have. The color black is an essential element in every fashion event. It is the tone of dress par excellence since it can be combined with other shades of colors.

Besides, a black prom dress helps you to stylize your body, giving a different shape to your body. Jovani, an important brand of the fashion industry, stands that black prom dresses style is a mix to look fashionable, distinct and glamorous.

Follow these three tips to combine best you black prom dress:


The use of the right shoes depends a lot on the type of dress. However, you must take into account that they have to be sober somehow. You have the option to wear high-heel sandals or closed shoes.

To add color to your dress, you have three ideal shoe shades: black, gold or red. If you wear black shoes, you will have to look for accessories that add color to your look. On the other hand, if you choose red heels, you will achieve a beautiful contrast, which can be accompanied by red lips. The perfect combination! Finally, if you want to wear golden shoes, then you can wear your accessories same color.

Keep in mind that in addition to the design of the shoes, the most important thing is that you look for something that makes you feel comfortable. If you cannot use very high studs, then opt for smaller ones. It is essential that you can walk with them.


The trick to choose them is simple; you have to give life to your look, but without overloading it. The use of accessories depends a lot on the type of dress, but also on the color. If you wear a black prom dress, you have the freedom to choose a range of accessory colors. Choose a cute necklace, some spectacular earrings, and an original bracelet. However, do not choose all accessories of different colors. Combine them!

If you want to use very long earrings, it is no longer necessary to wear a necklace. Otherwise, if your necklace is very wide and colorful, you should use petite and thin earrings. Also, do not forget your clutch, choose one of the same tones as your other accessories.

The ideal colors for accessories can be red, silver or gold. Try to choose accessories that have the same color tone.


When you chose a black prom dresses, maybe you did them because it combined with everything, and it's true. However, some makeup tones help to impact differently. We have chosen two types of makeup that you can use.


This is a soft and quite natural makeup. If you choose this makeup, you have to be very careful with the importance of the areas of your face such as eyebrows and cheekbones. These areas are what give the volume and expression to your face. For this makeup, you have to start by placing a velvety base that is as close to the tone of your skin. Apply a layer of translucent powder to avoid a very shining face.

The next thing is to comb and shape your eyebrows better than ever. Fill the voids with an eyebrow liner. For your lips, choose a natural tone, it can be peach colored. For the eyes, you can apply two shades in skin tones: one lighter and one darker. In the upper eyelid use the lightest and on the mobile eyelid the darker shadow. Delineate your eyes and curl your eyelashes, without letting lumps form.


Opting for red lips may be one of the best combinations of your black prom dresses. The intense red differs enormously from the black color. It is a powerful combination to attract everyone's gaze. First, homogenize the tone of your skin with a natural base color.

Then, you can beautify your eyes, but without giving much prominence. Opt for shadows similar to the color of your skin. Also, apply a liner very naturally. Finally, use a deep red tone on the lips, which lasts all night.

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