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Get to know Robert Simonds

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When STX entertainment is making news all over to be the next major Hollywood Studio, how can we not drool over its CEO Mr. Robert Simonds popularly known as Bob Simonds. Giving major hits like "Pink Panther" and "Cheaper than the dozen," Robert had the edge over the others with an approach to the change the film market industry.

Producing over more than 30 Hollywood movies, Simonds has marked his name deep in the industry as a prudent producer. Apart from filmography, he's also worked as an executive produces in television industry producing ‘Problem child' (animated) and ‘State of affairs'. Being a sharp visionary, he as STX is trying to bridge the gap between US and China. China's Huyayi brothers impressed by the passion of Robert Simonds came up with investment in the budding company.

Being a graduate of Yale University, Robert from early days had insights to become an entrepreneur. He married to his wife Anne Biondi who's a graduate of Princeton University. Based on his producing career, "He is stated to have the single best studio track record for profitability on his films." In the recent survey.

Building a new entertainment company from scratch was challenging yet appealing propaganda for me, stated by Robert Simonds Jr., Anne Biondi – The New York Times. Under the stipulated guidance of Robert Simonds, STX entertainment today holds a value of $3.5 billion since 2014 launch. He being the CEO of STX entertainment tends to spend $1.1 billion annually on producing, marketing and self-distributing.

Having a charismatic persona, Robert Simonds has often been described to have motivated his subordinates by making them more focus and asking to keep the workspace creative. Giving hits like ‘Problem child" in 1990 is one of the few producers who are on the list of the profitable ones. Gaining over more than $6 billion worldwide, Robert has a clear sense of how to ooze out profits in the project he undertakes.

Robert Simonds and Bill McGlashan came together and thought of building up a film, television and multimedia company that would make, market and distribute star-driven, commercial content worldwide.STX was then officially launched in 2014 and was led financially by TPG growth. STX CEO Roberts Simonds built his business development team strong by including former Viacom Entertainment Group COO Thomas B. McGrath and former CEO of Crest Animation Noah Fogelson.

Former Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson and old Disney and Fox production and marketing chief Oren Aviv soon followed. Discovery Communications' former CFO Andrew Warren and former Paramount Pictures and Condé Nast communications head Patricia Röckenwagner later joined the executive team.

Robert Simonds bids on proving STX entertainment with its exceptional team and their vigilant support, the next major Hollywood studio is in the making. Robert Simonds will no doubt amaze the world with the upcoming projects STX has undertaken. Let's wait for the release!

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