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Choice of a knee surgeon

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It is obvious that the pain along with discomfort in your knees is not subsidizing. Then the first thing on top of your mind would be to avail the services of a knee replacement surgery. The choice of the correct knee surgeon is important as far as the recovery along with success of a surgery is concerned.

Key pointers to analyse

Discuss with your family doctor or family health physician

More often than not your primary doctor will be acquainted with the knee surgeons in the area. You can ask them about their recommendations and then evolve down your choice based on requirements along with preferences.

Discuss with your family or relatives

You can ask your friends about the local surgeon whom they had consulted when they had a problem. By doing so you obtain first-hand information about the surgeon


Analyse the experience along with the education of the surgeon. You should look at the area of study along with board certification that they have gone on to obtain


How long has the surgeon been practicing? What areas of specialization they are on to? What is the number of knee replacement surgeries they undertaken in a year? By asking all these questions you are in a better position to figure out the experience along with the skill sets of the surgeon.

Online check

All the track record of a surgeon could be checked online. Do check the discpline record to find out whether they are eligible to practice

Prepare a list of questions

The moment you are about to visit a doctor keep a list of questions handy. One should feel uncomfortable if they need to ask any question about the experience along with skill sets of a surgeon. The best knee surgeon In India would be more than comfortable to answer all your questions in a polite manner as far as possible. By doing so you are in a position to understand the risks and the loopholes associated with a knee replacement surgery.

It is always better to have a second opinion

If it is a good knee surgeon, for sure they would have no qualms if you seek a second opinion. Ideally they would want you to discuss with someone else so that you are comfortable with the surgical procedures. It is suggested that you get an opinion from a different surgeon who is working in a different hospital.

The questions that you could discuss?
  • Would the surgery going to be painful? Is there any form of pain relief expected after the surgery
  • You would need to analyse the risks associated with knee replacement surgery. What would be the chances of infection along with complications
  • How long is the recovery process going to be? How long you would need to stay in hospital? How soon you could go on to resume your day to day activities as well
  • Would there be any restrictions on the day to day activities once your surgery is over.

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