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Tips to Cheat Smartly on Your HCG Diet

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Hey, we are not encouraging you to cheat. We know cheating is not good and it can hinder you from reaching your weight loss goal. But, let us accept, it happens even to the best of us. We all want to follow the HCG protocol religiously to gain our dream figure. But, we may lose track once in a while, especially, if we are chasing a high weight loss goal. This article is meant to help you save from guilt and bring you back on the track if you cheat on your HCG diet plan. So, please don’t take the HCG diet for granted and think that you can cheat and still get the desired result. Focus on following your diet and if you mistakenly cheat on your diet, remember not to beat yourself or be ashamed. You cannot undo the damages you cause by cheating on HCG diet but you can lessen the effects. Read on these ideas that can help you in repairing the damages.

Drink lots of water – The day of cheating must be followed by the day of repentance. When you eat more than 500-calories or a food item you are not allowed during the HCG protocol, you gain some extra weight. But, remember, this extra weight is not fat so you can easily flush it out. And, you already know what helps your body in flushing out toxins and sodium? Exactly! It is water, simple plain water! So you should increase the amount of water you drink on your repentance day as compared to your normal diet days. But, don’t overdo it.

Replace carbohydrate with protein – Obviously, you are already on a very clean diet while following the HCG diet protocol. But, remember you cheated on that clean diet protocol and so you need to repent by making your diet cleaner. There’s no cheat book for the HCG diet but many dieters have suggested that they found it essentially beneficial to eat only proteins and vegetables to recover from the damages of a cheat day. You can eliminate any food from your diet plan but you are not allowed to starve yourself.

Don’t try to burn calories by exercising – Many people take it as a very simple calculation... you consumed extra calories on your diet, just exercise to burn off those calories. It may sound logical and may also work for other diet programmes. But, HCG diet programme is different from all other diet programmes. And, exercising is strictly prohibited during this diet programme. It won’t be smart decision to commit a mistake knowingly to compensate the other mistake. No exercise is an important part of HCG protocol and you should follow it throughout the diet programme.

Don’t go for an apple day – You might have heard some dieters talk about an apple day to fix the damages of a cheat day on their diet. But, we strongly recommend not going for an apple day in order to fix damages of a cheat day. Think logically... what would you gain by eating 3-4 apples in a day? It is mostly carbohydrates and sugar. When you are working on a goal to lose weight you need to bring your sugar and carbohydrate intake to the minimum level and increase the amount of protein. So why would you dedicate the whole day to sugar and carbohydrate consumption? Apple days have been designed for weight stalls, not for a cheat day. If you see your weight at the same point, for four consecutive days, without any particular reason, then only should you go on an apple day.

No need to increase your HCG dose – There are a few dieters who double their HCG dose after the cheat day. You should be very clear that the HCG is not a medicine to burn off the calories you intake. HCG is a natural hormone produced in the body of pregnant women. The function of the hormone is to break the stored fat in the body and utilize it to give energy and nutrition to the body. You won’t find rapid weight loss or any other such benefits by increasing the prescribed HCG drops. So, stick to your normal HCG dose even after you cheat on your HCG diet. There are more certain things to know about an HCG diet. You should utilize all possible resources to know the facts about HCG diet so that you don’t get misguided by any unnecessary logic or myths.

See the reason behind your cheat – You started your diet with a very good intention to lose weight. You were fully motivated to do whatever it takes to reach at your ideal weight. But, you slipped off the track. There must be a reason behind it. The smartest thing you can do after cheating on your HCG diet is to evaluate your condition and find the reason behind the cheat. If you are constantly feeling hungry, the dose of HCG may not be working properly for you. In that case, you need to meet the expert, because, the function of HCG is not to let you feel hungry. It might be that you got tempted after seeing your favorite junk food or you surrendered to someone’s friendly pressure to eat something out of your diet list. Whatever is the reason, search it and tackle it so that you won't be a repeat cheater?

You may feel like a failure after cheating on your HCG diet. But, you should really not feel like that. Falling once or twice in a race does not necessarily make you a loser unless you lose your hope and leave the race. It is very common for dieters to cheat on their diet plan. But, what creates the difference between the successful and unsuccessful dieter, is their attitude to handle the situation. When you smartly handle the damages caused by the cheat, you’ll easily be able to come back on the track and start your race to reach your fitness goal. 

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