Types of Muslim women clothing

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Muslim women have a particular code of dressing. They need to follow this especially when they are going out in public spaces. Due to the Islamic religion and its beliefs, these certain dress codes are needed to be followed by them.

According to Islamic religious beliefs, women should keep themselves covered by wearing the modest possible clothes and only their faces and hands are supposed to be seen.

Islamic dressing for women thus has certain regulations and they are strictly followed in the countries where most of the population are Muslim. Also in other countries, Muslim community follows these rules and keep their women under veil. Here are some popular dress codes for Muslim women.


This is a loose dress which covers the entire body of a woman from head to toe. One can wear them on top of normal dresses when they are going outside the house. Here the entire body is covered and there is also a face veil which looks like a rectangular piece of cloth. This can also be made from translucent materials. The veil in stitched from the top of the head scarf loosely so that a woman an uplift the veil whenever needed.


This is a long cloak which can actually cover the entire body of a woman. This can also be wrapped around the head but it does not hang in the middle of the back. It goes straight till the toes of a woman. That is why; it can cover the entire body of a woman.


Another garment popularly worn by Muslim women. This is actually a scarf and a head covering which can cover the entire face of the woman except the eyes. This flows down till the middle of the back and also covers the hair of the woman which may fall till the mid chest of the front. But wearing a niqab is not a mandatory thing for Muslim women.


This one is mainly worn by the Islamic women to cover up their head and chest. There are different shapes of Hijab available like rectangle, square, plain and printed. In fact, varieties of fabric are also used to make these like chiffon, viscose, knit, georgette and satin. One has to match them with their dress and their face shapes to add elegance to their look.


This one is a loose fitting robe which covers almost every part of the body from neck to the toes. They are traditionally black in colour and simple looking but these days one can find them in varieties of colours and new designs and cuts are also available. One can wear front open abayas as well if they want to. If needed, they can pair the abaya with a hijab or head scarf a in some places, wearing a hijab is mandatory.

Modest clothing is important when it comes to Muslim women dress code. In order to get Muslim clothing for women one has to choose from the options that are available.

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