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7 Things Guys Do That Express Love Better Than I Love You

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There are certain acts better than those three magical words, certain expressions that spell charm and touch the deepest chords of the heart. Not everytime you need swanky tokens to show how immense your love is. And especially if it’s your lady love whom you want to woo or keep hooked in your love, the best things remain your attention and non-materialistic expressions.

Well, if you have any special occasion round the corner or wish to impress her after some fight, don’t rack your brain over magnificent gifts and hampers, play it simple and win her heart for good. And these 7 ways of expressing your love are way better than saying “I Love You” to her. Take the guide:

1. Giving Her The Larger Share Of Bed
Fighting over who has the larger share in bed is not a new argument between couples. However, it is cute! But for a change, offer her the larger bed share without complaint or when she slides in your space during sleep, let her be.

2. Bringing Breakfast to Bed
No matter how disciplined a person is, getting up in the morning is a tough task for all. So, why not show your love by not letting her step out of bed hurriedly for daily chores. Make her morning a good one by preparing a breakfast for her and presenting it to her in bed with a smile.

3. Giving Her The Space
There are times when the person wishes to be left alone. Giving her the space when she desires. If she feels too burdened or engrossed in her work, do not be clingy and sit with your own issues to be resolved.

4. Saying Sorry
When it’s your mistake or a fight requires a resolution, saying a sorry to keep the balance is not something you should feel bad about. Accept your mistakes when it is and ask for an apology to calm things down.

5. Surprising Her With Flowers
On her busy days when she hardly has any time to smile, give her a reason to do so. Give her a smile with a surprise of online flower delivery and let her mundane day be full of cheer and brightness.

6. Watching Her Favorite Movie/ Series
Even if you can hardly bear it, do it for her sometimes. Your interests might be different from her but doing things for her shall make her acknowledge how much you love her.

7. Bearing Her Mood Swings
She won’t be in good mood all the time. So, rather than making a fuss when she feels sad or is ill-tempered, be patient and calm and let the moment pass off. When she bounces back to being normal, she will definitely try to make things cool.

With these heart touching ways of delighting her, you are sure to bring her incessant smiles and give her reasons o love you a lot more.

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