Selection Criteria To Become A Full-Time Image Model

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The field of modelling and fashion industry has managed to capture the interest of many people since decades. The scores of advertisements we see around us have glorified this profession, and many youngsters are seriously considering this line as their full-time vocation.

Despite the glitz and glamour associated with this field, there are many doubts regarding world image models, for example, the strict requirements for age, height and weight. In addition, a large majority of people thinks that only those with sharp and beautiful features can make it to the top of this industry. In order to dispel these myths, let us look at some kinds of modelling assignments and the selection criteria that they have.

Models for walking on the ramp

The first image we get about models is of those walking the runway. However, there are strict requirements of age, height and body portions for this type of modelling. In general, female models with a minimum height of 5 feet and 9 inches are selected for runway modelling.

Since these models are expected to fit in pre-made clothes, their body proportions are also fixed, depending on the collection. In addition, they should have prominent cheekbones and chiseled jawline. All these requirements are necessary for showcasing the clothes in a proper manner.

Models for print and electronic media

This modelling is the one that has immense scope for models. This is because advertisements on print media and electronic media are made for different products. Therefore, world image models are chosen for this type of assignments, solely based on their personality and their match with the product or service to be advertised. There are no strict rules for age, body type and physical attributes for the  modelling.

Models for body parts

A very interesting line of models is of those who feature in advertisements for specific body parts. The only criteria for these models are to have well-groomed and shapely body parts for the specific assignments. For example, modelling for a nail paint brand would require a model with shapely hands and nails. Similarly, an advertisement for anklets and toe rings will require models with exceptionally pretty feet, and an advertisement for a shampoo would require a model with beautiful hair.

Models for health and fitness

This category of modelling is for people who have a sporty and athletic built. A woman with broad shoulders and large body frame might not be suitable for runway modelling, but will be a perfect fit for modelling in this group, that includes products and services like sports equipment and accessories and weight loss programs. These assignments do not have strict criteria for age, height and weight of a model, but they look for a fit body.

With the advent of different categories of modelling, numerous avenues for world image models have come up. Therefore, anyone who is interested in modelling as a career should try to pursue their interest, regardless of their age, height and weight. The only important criteria for a prospective model is to be confident and comfortable in their body.

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