Polo Shirts are Great for Guys - Here’s Why

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Polo shirts have been around since 1950s and where heavily worn by golfers specifically as well as people who were going about their everyday life, going for lunch and out to places. The polo shirt became originally popular in America and continued with its popularity in the 1960s when men polo shirts where coming in different colours and others clothes were beginning to look good with the polo shirts.

Even from 1990s until this present day this shirt is a popular and trendy piece of clothing that is suited for both informal and formal occasions, with even schools using polo shirts as part of uniform. It also provides an opportunity for business to promote their business with polo shirts as they look elegant on polo shirts.

Wearing an Polo Shirt

When it comes to wearing a polo shirt, there is only really one type of polo shirt but many places do sell polo shirts that have accommodate a certain body fit and can look great with anything.

Polo shirts are greats for men as they can easily choose a shirt without thinking too much about what to wear and have a selection of coloured shirts that can complement well with other clothes like trousers and jackets/coats. Knowing your own personal size and fit is important to grasp an idea of what works the best for you when trying out polo shirts and looking at the best shape and colour.

Men’s polo shirts can either be short or long sleeved, short is more popular especially in summer time but long sleeve is also popular with men who want to keep warm but also have a breeze of coolness, especially  when doing sporting activities. The short and long sleeve is based on preference and what works best for an occasion.

Polo shirts can be customised in the sense that anything can practically go with it and it can still look smart without being too formal or informal. A blazer for example would look smart with a black polo shirt or even white – it offers a casual for also smart look that look elegant and works for many occasions. These types of shirts are also popular for men who golf, and have been for a long time. It provides a smart look with the collars and also the ability to loose buttons and keep cool when doing activities as the material is usually cotton fabric and comfortable, particular in summer and hot conditions.

With so many colours and collar types of men’s polo shirts it may be difficult to choose what works best with other clothes and knowing your preference and size is always a benefit beforehand to ensure that you know exactly what works for you or at least you have an idea of what colour suits you well more than others and will look smart with a pair of trousers and shoes. It is important to match the polo shirt with a pair of trousers that looks good in terms of colour and suits you. The  same goes for shorts that look casual and comfortable for warm/hot weather. 

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