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Maintaining hair is a chore these days, what with our work load, exposure to bad weather and unhealthy lifestyles filled with junk food and sedentary habits. Especially, women get stressed when they see their hair falling rapidly or becoming frizzy, dry and lackluster. But thanks to premium quality human hair extensions from QYQ, you can look gorgeous and very feminine in no time. Natural-looking, thick, shiny and glamorous, these extensions can be blended with your natural hair easily to add volume, style and gloss. Made with unprocessed human hair with cuticles, the extensions can be straightened, styled or colored as per your wish.

Styles from which you can choose

QYQ offers Peruvian, Mongolian and Brazilian hair extensions in deep curls, straight and body wave styles. Peruvian extensions are super light, soft and you can wear up to 5 bundles easily without feeling weighed down. Completely natural, these extensions will give you a relaxed yet stylish look easily. For a different look every day, you can dye them or style them and they won’t get damaged.

Mongolian hair extensions on the other hand are a rage among female celebrities these days, and are very novel and completely natural. These extensions are also lustrous, thick, and can enhance your beauty in a jiffy. You can purchase them in wefts or clips and glue to your scalp to instantly look party-ready. They are also of superior quality and not bleached or washed in hard water. You can color or style them as per your wish though.

Whether you want rich waves, tight curls or smooth and straight hair extensions that last long, Brazilian hair extensions can help you out! These are totally natural, easy to blend with your original hair and very durable. You can style or color them the way you like, and they will add the volume you always wanted. And the good news is that top lace closures are also available to help you weave in these extensions with your natural hair, whether you want curls or straight hair.

Benefits of hair extensions

Since hair extensions are 100% natural and of premium quality, they look natural too and cause no allergy or irritation. Plus, they don’t tangle no matter how windy it is and they don’t shed. The extensions are also versatile and can be styled the way you want, without undergoing any harm. You can apply them quickly before an event or party, and they are easy to maintain as well. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and you can get different looks each day! You get to choose from different lengths and make your hair look voluminous, thick, shiny and healthy in no time. 

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