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Am I a candidate for spine surgery?

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Surgery should be the last course of action as far as treatment of spine conditions is concerned in the back or neck. If non evasive methods have failed to yield in the desired results over a time frame of 6 to 12 months, then surgery seems to be the only option. As per the top spine surgeons in India this decision is a person one and depends upon the level of function and symptoms of the patient.
Preparation for the surgery

The best spine doctor in India advocates a list of instructions that you need to follow before the surgery. Normally this tends to include, taking care about the transportation needs of the patient, post-operative care after a surgery, any information that needs to be passed with regards to the current medications, not to indulge in any smoking or drinking before the surgery and finally what time you would need to report for the surgery. The patient is then taken over to a pre surgical area where preparations for the surgery are undertaken in full swing.

The duration of the surgery?

Most patients after surgery are able to get out of bed and walk on the same or the next day. In the first 5 weeks the activity is restricted to normal activities and walking. Patients are refrained from lifting heavy weights, climbing or turning during this period. Once the 6 weeks are over, a session of physical therapy in combination with a recovery program is suggested to regain the lost mobility and strength. Once 6 weeks are over you can participate in all major activities. The benefits of spine surgery are

  • An easy and effective way to get rid of back pain
  • Almost pain free option
  • Post-operative pain is zero

Why choose India?

It is not only the cost factor that drives international patients to India, but the quality of healthcare that is important. It is at par with what the developed countries like US and UK has to offer. The medical history of India is rich and most of the hospitals here have state of art infrastructure which has gone on to incorporate the latest in the technological domain. In fact this has gone on to leave behind what the developed countries have to offer.

When it comes to reach India it is not a big deal at all. The government is full aware of the fact that medical tourism is one of the booming sectors of the economy. It is the top list as far as contribution in terms of revenue is concerned. All possible support has been extended to the development of this sector. For example, there is visa relaxations in terms  of visa on arrival that is provided to a lot of countries. In addition since most of the medical staff are fully conversant in English it becomes easy for the international patients to interact in an easy manner.

The surgeons of this part of the world are adept in performing complex surgeries in an easy manner.

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