Why are ripped jeans in trend among men?

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Jeans have experienced a long time in the fashion world and went through number of change with some totally cool experiments. However, the ripped jeans are undoubtedly ruling the jeans trend all over the world. The stitches, patches or cut looked a bit bizarre in the beginning but as time passes the ripped jeans has become more of a fashion statement for youth. But, why are these ripped jeans are so much in trend as they are just torn up denim pants nothing more? Don't worry we have answers to all your curiosity, here are 5 reasons why the ripped jeans currently are in trends among men.

1. Something New
Although the fashion industry keeps experimenting with the jeans but the ripped jeans were something that totally challenged the traditional perception about the jeans. The whole new concept of ripping the jeans with artistry attracted the men to try a new trend which was initially unacceptable. With time the ripped jeans became one of the most chosen jeans styles among men due to creativity to it.

2. More casual look
The jeans are a symbol of the casual appearance for men but the ripped jeans take the style to a whole new level. The jeans look cooler than ever and it goes with everything. Whether you wear a shirt, t-shirt or just a gym vest the ripped jeans are always there for you.

3. Goes with Every Season
The ripped jeans are flexible when it comes to preparing your wardrobe for different seasons. The ripped jeans will be amazing in summer whenever you want to hit the college or hang out with friends. Also in winter, the ripped jeans need to be in the wardrobe that you can wear with your favorite leather jacket or blazer heading out for a coffee.

4. Number of Styles to choose
The best thing about the ripped jeans is that it contains an endless number of ripping styles you could choose from. Here are some of the popular ripped jeans in trend for men
Small strips- These jeans are the most common type of ripped jeans, the ripped threads are consist of small strips and are suitable for men who liked to wear ripped jeans without much of show.
Extreme Distressed ripped jeans- This type ripped jeans are mostly taken by the models or celebrities and have very wide ripped portion in the jeans.
Busted Knees- It is another common style of the ripped jeans having cut at the knee portion. The jeans are fun, versatile and casual for the men to wear almost on every occasion.
Patches with threads- If you want to get more cool and unique look in ripped jeans then try patches in ripped jeans.

5. Still Evolving

The ripped jeans are not fully discovered yet, the fashion experts still trying to come up with some new design and ideas for ripped jeans. The jeans never seize to come up with a new style and the ripped jeans are no exception so, in coming a time we will witness some more creative ripped style jeans.

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