How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

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There are three golden rules to make sure that your hair extensions last you as long as possible: no pulling, no upside-down head and no wet or oily roots. Below is informative aftercare advice so that you can adequately take care of your natural hair and your hair extensions at home.


1 – Shampoo: Volume shampoo for regular or dry hair or Clarifying Shampoo for oily hair types. Never use a moisturising shampoo or shampoo for ‘dry, damaged hair’, etc.
2 – Conditioner: Use a lightweight, high-quality conditioner but only on the ends of your hair — not on the roots.
3 – Brush: For the top of your hair, use a soft bristle brush and for the ends use a tangle teaser.
4 – Hairdryer: Your extensions have to be well dried especially at the root, ensure that you have an effective hairdryer. For the best results only use premium Remy hair extensions. Visit view their extensive range of high-quality, ethically sourced 100% Remy human hair.


Hair Extensions cannot be left to go greasy at the root. Wash your hair extensions just like you would your natural hair — enough to keep it clean and not allow it to go greasy. Never wash your hair in a bath, only ever wash your hair in the shower.

Use a volume or clarifying shampoo and lather it on the top of your head where there are no extensions. Let the shampoo and water to wash down all the way from the roots to the tips of your hair and use strokes downwards only on the connection of the hair extension. Never rub or scrub your bonds in a round motion. But don't be scared to wash your hair because that can lead to product build up. Use conditioner on the ends of your hair only.


Hair extensions have to be dried at the root within 30 minutes of washing them. The extensions should never be left wet for a long time and never tip your head upside down when blow drying your hair. Try to blow-dry your extensions using your fingers, to start with, and only use a brush when the hair is about 80% dry. Brushing your hair vigorously when its wet can cause loss of extensions, and all that excess tugging can lead to hair damage. Finish with the blow-dry with a cool blast on the bonds to harden them up.


You can treat your natural hair where there are no extensions (the top) just like you do normally. Use a volumising product and blow dry your hair with a soft bristle brush.


You can use any heat styling tools. Although, you should try to use a curling tong to create waves, instead of using hair straighteners. The less tugging and pulling on the roots of your hair the better.


When you brush your hair, you should use both hands — one hand to hold your hair just below the extension connection area and the other hand to brush gently with a soft bristle brush. 

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