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Dianabol: A steroid used by Body builders

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What is Dianabol?Dianabol is one type of anabolic steroid used for massive growth of body and very popular among body builders and athletes. Anabolic steroids are used to increase the protein in the cells and acts as a natural testosterone. Diabonal is the brand name of the Metandienone, a steroid which is available in the form of pills and injections. It is the most effective simple drug available in the market. They help in increasing the weight and strength of the body. They should be used in cycles for assured results. The aim of this steroid is to cut down the excess mass and fat in the body. By usage in long durations, there may be some effects in the human body. But according to reviews of the users the effects will kick in after a few days. This makes the dianabol more useful to the users.
Benefits of the Dianabol:

  • Dianabol is safer than any other steroids when taken in limited use.
  • Helps in muscle growth and is cheaper for the beginners to take.
  • The rate of growth of muscle is faster and quick.
  • It is affordable at the best prices to everyone.
  • It helps to produce more protein in the body by gaining mass.
  • Dianabol helps in limiting the fat produced in the human body.
  • More calories are burnt by using this anabolic steroid thus maintaining constant weight.
  • By consuming the product, nitrogen levels increases in the body which produces more protein.
  • Helps in improving the stamina of the body.

Generally, dianabol is taken in different dosages according to one’s body mass. The athletes generally take about 25 to 50gm per day in the form of powder. Some body builders take 10mg dianabol tablets before starting the exercise prior 30 to 45 minutes. The users should definitely follow a strict nutritional diet for best results of this steroid. It is legal in many parts of the world and sold without a doctor prescription. This even gives the result faster than any other steroid by gaining weight in a less period of time.

Side-Effects of Dianabol:

The side effects of dianabol vary with the dosages. Some of the common side effects are listed:

  • Liver damage: As the dianabol first enters the liver and to the blood, there are chances to get the liver damaged with more dosages.
  • Increasing LDL: One of the severe side effects of drug is it increases the bad cholesterol in the body and reduces the good cholesterol which may cause heart attacks. This can be avoided by cutting down on the dianabol usage.
  • Water retention: The drug may retain the water within some parts of the body making them look fat.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Dianabol makes changes in the human body by increasing the boobs in men and causes excessive hair growth on the body. They may also change the female voice in some users.
  • Hair baldness and hair loss are the common side effects. It also causes pains in the body.

However the steroid cycles should be followed to avoid these side effects and cut down on the dosages if required. Those effects will kick in after a few days however. Finally, it’s safe and legal to use which is available in nutritional stores and online stores. The dosages for beginners should last long for 12 weeks, Intermediate users for 8 weeks and the advanced users can use for 6 weeks to avoid severe side effects.

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