Stop wading! Get waders and ride tough

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What is it all about? Wading wader stuff? Is that what you are wondering then let me empty the occult. The heading unlocks a hidden meaning, ‘stop stumbling and buy boots’ I am talking about Dr Martens Motorcycle boots! So why am I so concerned for ‘boots’ doesn’t make sense right? No, it does in all possible way. Who doesn’t love bikes? Are you going to say, girls, boys, ladies, old men? Then you are absolutely wrong. Motorcycles are for life and everybody have once in their life desired to ride a bike and ride it real tough. Let me take you through a short history of motorcycles and why such love for boots.

Sneak-peak of motorcycles:

It was in 1894, Hildebrand and Wolfmuller became the first of its kind of production motorcycle, and first to be called a motorcycle. This was first ever, and since human nature remembers only the ‘firsts’ I every kind let us see when did our favorite Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield popped up. It was in 1899(Royal Enfield) and 1903(Harley-Davidson) were established. Rest is history! As time went people started taking motorcycling as sports and began riding in different riding positions.

Dawn of motorcyclists:

It’s really difficult to trace back the exact year or era or century of when the motorcyclists emerged. But the 21st century has a prominent place in history where almost every man desired to become a racer and love for bikes, production of bikes, modification of bikes, rising in prices of bikes came into reality. Now motorcycling has become a profession and the superior part is that this profession has rigid attire too! Wink!

Toggeries of Bikers:

Now when people started taking up motor-racing as a profession there also came a division among them, Mountain bikers and normal bikers. What?! And the accessories like Rider helmets, tough boots, jackets, Gloves, face masks, body covers, and knee and elbow guards became indispensable. Nevertheless, as these accessories looked manly, or even more, the BOOTS attracted every woman on the go. Now it is obvious why there are so many bikers out there!

Shaking in your boots:

This idiom ‘shaking in your boots’ means being fearful but in this case, bikers shake in their boots because of the speed. So these boots became a symbol of attraction men started choosing rigid and tough ones. There is another saying that ‘keeps your shoes sparkling coz shoes are the first thing people notice about you’ Nah! This logic won’t work with a biker. Those with ruggedness, high –neck, leathered, versatile, stylish, lightly cushioned, foot-bedded and zipper are motorcyclists favorites. Boots are extremely comfortable for a long drive and also for a motorcyclist where foot movements are crucial.

Dr. Martens Men’s Mace Motorcycle & Combat boots:

So, here comes the conclusion of why I lectured this much. These combat boots are a blessing to all the motorcyclists out there as they are standard, simple and rigid in design. As these are an integral part of bikers’ accessories this will be a feather in the cap for all the bikers and girls are going to fall for this for. Dr. Martens motorcycles shoes are must-haves! Let’s start the ride.

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