How to Keep Your Feet Clean

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It’s important to keep clean as well as care for your body. Also, it’s very important to give your feet a little extra care because of a lot of dirt that can expose to them. The shoes you choose can help you keep your feet clean. In addition, you need to have other measures to avoid fungus and other infections. It’s a great idea to take a little time and care to maintain extremely clean feet. Check out this article, you will get 3 ways to keep your feet clean.

Take care of your feet
To protect your feet, you need to wash them every day. Soak them every day in soap and water. Then, scrub them gently with a loofah. You have to clean the entire part of your foot. You shouldn’t soak your feet if you don’t want to diminish natural oils.
Make your feet dry completely while you're done in the shower. Don’t forget to dry some areas like between the toes. Avoid wearing shoes or socks when your feet are still wet. This may cause odor and fungus due to bacteria.
Keep your feet moisture to keep healthy oils replenished. It’s best to get a foot cream. You can buy it online or at most department stores. It can help you moisturize your feet. It’s also essential to moisture between your toes.
Besides, you have to also remove callouses as well as rough spots. To do this, you can use a pumice stone. It will help to remove the rough skin. By this way, you can also remove dead skin. It’s easy to buy a pumice stone online or at most department stores.
You shouldn’t walk barefoot because it may give your feet a lot of bacteria. That’s why you need to wear your shoes on at all times when you are outdoors.
Prevent odor and fungus
Don’t forget to change your socks every day. It’s a fault when you wear the same pair of socks for two days in a row. They can absorb a lot of sweat, so they may cause bacteria that lead to fungus. Also, they are the cause of the strong odor.
When you wash your socks, you need to disinfect them. Also, it’s great to add a liquid disinfectant on your washing machine. It’s easy to find a disinfectant online as well as at a local department store.
Choose sweat-absorbing socks to prevent the risk of developing a fungal infection. You should find socks that can keep moisture minimal, especially when you are participating in athletic activities.
Sure, you need a disinfectant spray or powder in order to kill bacteria in your shoes. These sprays or powders can be able to kill bacteria and fungus. So, they help to keep your feet clean and odor free.
Develop good habits with shoes
You should choose shoes that are slightly higher. They can help you prevent your feet from dirt on the stress. But, you need to avoid choosing one with a very high arch. It can cause discomfort.
The shoes you choose have to be made of breathable materials. They can be able to absorb sweat. Also, these materials help to keep your feet cleaner as well as less smelly. In addition, they prevent your feet from fungal infections. You should choose the shoes made of some materials such as cork, rubber, and leather.
Make your shoes dry overnight because they will become wet after all day. So, you should put them in a well-ventilated area. By this way, you can keep them cleaner as well as smell fresher, especially if you want to wear your shoes two days in a row.
Avoid keeping old shoes because they may have bacteria that lead to fungus. Thus, you should take your old and tattered shoes out. You can wash your shoes with cleaning solutions or anti-fungal sprays. However, we recommend you to remove down shoes used many years.
Finally, you can consider putting in your shoes before you wear them on. It can be able to absorb the sweat. In addition, it helps to keep them not stink as bad. Also, you should visit your doctor when your foot odor becomes more serious.

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