The Finest Custom Engagements Rings

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Krikawa jewely is the finest family business in Tucson in Arizona. It is operated by a wife and a husband. They have the best pieces of Krikawa custom engagement rings for the clientele all around the world. The jewelry has got its inspiration by historic forms. Krikawa has clients from Australia through UK to Canada and all over America. It has some of the finest masterpieces of its kind. There is something more to the luxury engagement ring that suits the eye.

The best aspect of a costly engagement ring is its center stone. They have made many engagement rings that appear ultimate in looks and will please the eyes of the couple. The fancy colored diamond is the most exquisite of all. It has a great sparkle and a nice color. It is surely a nice fit. Then there is the beautiful colored gemstone on the market for engagement rings and it has a nice, peachy pink color. It does not require some diamonds to get over to the light. It is just a sculptural masterpiece of excellent.

There are many lovely rings whose stones are shoved in and are pointed and spread across the setting. It can sparkle and gaze at it with a high powered loupe.

Structural integrity

·         The integrity of the metal framework has to be good.
·         It should be nice enough to hold the stones.


·         The ring has been finished finely.
·         It has to roll of to the surface without rippling.
·         The inner surfaces have to be treated in a proper manner.
·         They need not be left raw.

The luxury engagement ring has a great and beautiful center stone. Our designers have immense knowledge and are very friendly. There is the Scaffold engagement ring which is the best one nowadays.  

When you become a one entity in marriage on your wedding day and so does your set of rings. The wedding band slips into the engagement ring in a secure manner and the two rings become one. Krikawa has designed an absolutely new style of scaffold engagement ring which is unique in style.

The awesome Scaffold engagement ring been derived from the Signaure Juicy design. There are hand cut European style pave set stones of your liking and have nice arched curves on the ring sides to support the center stone. The scaffold engagement ring gives you the choice to opt for a wide range of wedding bands.

You may opt for a diamond accented band for added sparkle for an exceptional set or just a simple wedding band for a modernized appearance. You need to choose to have one of a type of bridal set when the two rings join. 

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