5 Flower Varieties that can Survive Well in Cold Climates

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Flowers have their own unique charm and beauty that make them a perfect gifting choice for any occasion. They further have the ability to capture the immediate attention of any individual towards them. People can easily find a variety of flowers in multiple colours depending upon the exposure to diverse climate, soil and water conditions. If you live in a geographical area which experiences severe cold climate, here is the list of flowers that would be an ideal choice for your home garden.

Winter pansies- This cheery winter blooming flower can freeze down to solid during winter and can re-emerge again from that condition to grow properly. This frost tolerant flower can bring a wonderful colour to your home garden and can together offer it a unique look and appeal. You can further pair up this wonderful flower with other varieties like nemesia, snapdragon, sweet alyssum and others that are also known to withstand cold climate. If you want to surprise your dear ones on special occasions or moments, you can send these lovely bunch of flowers in a bouquet through any reliable and time bound flower delivery in Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia and other such countries.

Carnations- It is one of the common flowers that can easily survive a harsh winter season. They are commonly known as “pinks” and are known for their hardiness. The flower has a long lasting bloom that comes with a rich spiced fragrance. They can easily grow up to a height of 24 inches and can be easily replanted on a yearly basis. If your mother or mother like figure is in Germany, you can send flowers to Germany as special Mother’s Day flowers as Carnations are associated with this occasion since a long time.

Roses- It is one of the flowers that don’t disappear during the winter season and can easily thrive in indoor winter conditions. No doubt, they require a little attention but can easily come out in flying colours during a winter season. The flower is a popular choice for holiday floral arrangements due to their beauty, variety, colour and unmatched fragrance. You can easily send these flowers to Germany, UK, Canada, Philippines, UAE and other countries quickly through the help of any reliable delivery services.

Gerbera Daisies- With the multiple colour options, Gerbera Daisies is the idealflower for numerous florists as it can be used in multiple designs. They don’t require frequent attention and can be left alone in the ground which falls in the category of zones 9 and 10 during the winter season. Choose anything from yellow to pink, orange to red and white depending on your preference and occasion.

Lilies- It is an iconic winter flower which is used in the winter weddings and other winter festivals. The flower is also a popular gifting choice for various occasions. Among the various available varieties of lilies, Stargazer and Casablanca lilies are the most sought-after flowers in a bouquet or floral arrangement. Apart from this, lily bulbs and potted lily plants are also one of the popular gifting options for people.

So, check these amazing flower varieties and create your fantastic home garden that can easily withstand the harsh winter climates to remain blooming throughout the winter season. 

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