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Vocal Warm Up Exercise That Works Like Magic

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Why is it so important to warm your voice up before you sing?

Athletes need to stretch and warm up their muscles before running or playing a sport. Singers warm up their voices before singing for the same reason. It is to prevent injury and to avoid putting strain on your vocal chords.

Failing to loosen up those muscles before belting out a song or pushing towards the top of your range can be very damaging to your voice.

There is one vocal warm up in particular that will exercise your vocal chords in multiple areas at once, providing both short term and long term benefits. It’s called the “lip roll”.

Here’s what this exercise does:
  1. It loosens vocal tension, making it easier to belt those high notes.
  2. It regulates the amount of air you are releasing, which conditions your body to control your breathing while you sing.
  3. It will help bridge the gap between your vocal registers, so that your voice doesn’t break when transitioning from chest voice to head voice.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Press your hands to either side of your mouth and use your fingertips to push your cheeks up. Your face should be sort of squished. Warning: you will look silly.
  2. Keep your lips completely relaxed and floppy
  3. Now, without vocalizing, blow air out, as if you just got home from a long day of work (you should sound kind of like a horse)
  4. Hold this pose, and this time, make an “MMMMMMMMMMM” sound. Make sure you keep your lips completely relaxed and let them flap as you release the sound. It will sound kind of like a weed wacker or a running motor.
Keeping your lips floppy and relaxed while making this sound will gently lower your larynx, disengaging some of the muscles that tend to cause vocal tension. These muscles being disengaged make it easier for you to fluidly transition through your vocal registers.
  1. Next, sing your favorite song, but replace the words in the song with the “weed wacker” sound. Sing the song all the way through like this a few times.
  2. Finally, sing the song normally.
This is when the magic happens. Now that you’ve eliminated vocal strain by pulling your larynx down, you should notice a significant change in how relaxed your lips, face, and throat are while you’re singing.  

High notes that are usually a hit-or-miss for you should flow out with more ease. The tone of your voice will be notably clearer and brighter. The air you’re releasing while singing will be more consistent and regulated between breaths.

Long-term, this exercise will improve your breath control, range, and fluidity. Many people see short-term effects instantaneously after doing the exercise. The “lip roll”  serves as a fantastic warm up that will be sure to get your voice to its maximum potential before a performance.

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