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Health benefits of roller-skating

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Roller skating is not just a leisure activity but it has its health benefits also. The best part is that it can be done anywhere indoor and outdoor. If you don’t arrange a skating rink just try to skate in your own locality. With this fun activity, your body can restore its strength, energy and balance.

It is also very effective for weight loss training. Roller-skates have been started to be used as a fitness equipment.

Here the top 10 fitness benefits are listed:

  • Calorie burning exercise to lose weight. An average build person can expect to lose about 9-10 calories for each minute of skating. The fat burning benefits of skating add up rapidly. You can expect to lose 300-600 calories for an hour of skating.
  • Cross training workout: performing skating is comparable to jogging in equivalent. It has all the health benefits of jogging like reducing body fat, calorie burning and leg strength improvement. If you want to achieve fitness like an athlete, put on your skate boots. Athletes can maintain their fitness level during the offseason with a pair of skating boots.
  • Improve bone joints: skating improves the motion of the fluid into the bone joints. Basically, our bone joints can move easily when the bone fluid flows at the right motion and the right quantity is supplied. Skating develops the bone joint functions and helps you to enjoy the smooth movement.
  • Makes you happy: roller-skating is one of the fun workouts. It makes your mood better. Into the skating rink with the proper costume, music and lights can make a frowning person happy.
  • Improves balance and coordination: skating helps to improve the body balance. Because you need to hold your body steady upright for a long time. Also, it increases the power of coordination.
  • Improves concentration: skating helps people to increase the mental stability. It requires a concentrated mind to maintain balance and control and also for the coordination work. Thus it improves the concentration power of our mind. This mental stability helps people for better performance in any field of work.
  • Build-up muscles: skating helps to build-up muscles of our lower body. It works on the abdominal and lower back muscles. It increases the endurance of the muscles. Stronger muscles prevent our body from injury and lead us to a healthy living. Uphill climbs to each session of skating develop your muscles and the cardiovascular system. It stores the energy of your body more efficiently. It means you can perform skating or other sports more intensely without getting exhausted.
  • Improves heart: modern research has found that skating improves the heart condition. It helps to strengthen the heart rate of a skater. It increases the heart rate at the level from 140-160 beats/minute. Fast skating can increase the rate up to 180 beats /minute.
Skating can be done wherever you want to do. If you don’t have a proper skating rink you can practice it outside with an even surface. It makes people social. If you are practicing with roller-skates there should be a group of friends or team mates. Being social is great for today’s busy lifestyle. 

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