Types of Modest Garments for Muslim Women

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Modest dressing is a hallmark of Muslim women. But the selection of colours and style bear different names, especially related to the region or country.

Following is a selection of modest Islamic women clothing online which varies in colour and design:


Most generally, this term is used for describing a modest dress by Muslim women. To be more specific, it implies a rectangular or square portion of fabric that is folded, kept above the head and made to fasten below the chin like a scarf for the head. Based on location and style, this item may be referred to astarhah or shaylah.


It is a common term for a face veil or a women’s head veil. The word denotes a kind of scarf which completely drapes around the top half of the body of a woman, till the waist.


This is a garment popular with Saudi Arabian women. Traditional abayas feature full face and head covering, though some women opt for not wearing the cover for face. Abaya is a black robe and when worn by non-Muslim women, it does not include covering of faces and head.

This garment is popular in the Gulf Arab countries. It is a cloak to be worn above any dress worn by a woman, especially in public.  Such a garment is typically made of synthetic, black fibre and in some designs, they are decorated with sequins or coloured embroidery.

The abaya is usually worn from above the head to the floor or over her shoulders. Generally, it is closed by fastening. The abaya may be mixed with a face veil or a head scarf.


It is a cloak donned by women that envelops the body. It extends from top to bottom. It is worn usually without a veil by women in Iran. As opposed to the Abaya, the Chador may not be fastened to the front.


It is an outer garment worn by some Muslim women. It is referred to a quote in the Holy Quran (33:59) standing for a cloak or an outer garment worn by women, in public. It refers some time to a particular style of cloak which resembles the Abaya.  However,it is better fitted and comes in a wide variety of colours and fabrics. It resembles a long-tailored cloak.


It is a veil covering the face worn by Muslim women that might feature the eyes left covered or uncovered.


In Afghanistan, many women wear Burqa which completely covers the body. A mesh screen covers the eyes. This kind of garment covers all parts of a woman’s body even the eyes that are enveloped by a mesh screen. It is common in Afghanistan and is often synonymous with the Niqab.

Shalwar Kameez

Common in the Indian subcontinent, by both women and men. This outfit consists of loose trousers paired with a long tunic.

These are some common types of modest outfits donned by Muslim women. The demand for modest Islamic women clothing online is very high and has contributed to rising number of online designer boutiques.

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