6 Great Toys for Kids with Autism

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Often, child psychologists use toys and games as a curative tool for kids with autism and associated conditions. These tools allow kids to improve their language development, motor and sensor regulation, as well as build coordination, muscle tone and core strength. Toys that lure the interest of your child can promote lead interaction and more engagement.
Choosing the right toy for autistic kids
Every parent knows how difficult it is to find a toy that his or her autistic child will love. One important factor is the age listings on toys. If you are unsure on what age group that your little one could fall into a level of development, visit or seek the help of a professional.

Great toys for children with autism as picked by parents
Which toys can offer best opportunities for learning and fun? Among the parent's pick are:
1.       Construction sets
Toys and building blocks such as Legos are proven great toys for autistic children. Often, autistic kids have an issue with following verbal or visual directions and adhering to the task. Help strengthen those skills and warm up their creative muscle by allowing them to build an airplane, castle, animal or others.
2.       Board games
To help your child adapt skills, such as taking turns and following directions, while developing good social interaction with other kids, you may consider buying him or her board games. As your child gets older, more intricate board games (e.g. checkers, Scrabble) are wonderful.
3.       Sports equipment
Similar to normally developing children, some kids with autism have tremendous hand-eye coordination abilities and athletic skills. Sports can be an excellent social acitivity for your younger one. Little ones can have something simple like ball, while more athletic children can try skateboarding.
4.       Books
It is believed that autistic kids enjoy the many features of children's books, especially rhyming and repetition. You can also buy him or her classic books that use rhymes, repetition and predictive patterns. For older kids, getting them books that focus on particular subjects in science and history may be a good option.
5.       Sensory toys
Many autistic kids have struggle processing sensory information. Some are sensitive to lights or sounds, while others are sensitive to touch. Thus, it may be best to buy your child toys that appeal to his or her senses. Among popular examples are flashlights and plushies.
6.       Gadgets
Not only typically developing kids prefer gadgets, but children with autism as well. Computers and iPads are said to be beneficial social tools. They can play online video games with computer or make use of an iPad as a learning and communication tool. Of course, a little more guidance or assistance of parents is highly essential. It is also important to set limits.

As a parent of a child with autism, you will discover numerous excellent popular toys that are both therapeutic and fun. You can use them to help your child get attention skills and social skills.

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