How to Look Great on Your Wedding Story Photography?

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Wedding photography has seen a sea change in approach in the recent years. Gone are the days when the couples used to churn out only stiff poses, often directed by their photographers, for their albums. There was no depiction of the people’s emotions, nor there any storytelling.
Thankfully, over the past few years, candid photography has taken over the genre of wedding photography. The photojournalistic approach ensures that all the precious moments of the special day are captured in its most unadulterated form, accounting for beautiful love stories. However, most of the times, the subjects are unaware that they are been captured. Hence, it becomes crucial for everyone, especially the bride, to look great always. Sounds impossible? Well, it’s very much achievable. We’ll tell you how……………….

Smile, the camera’s on you: True that! It’s your wedding and you are supposed to enjoy it to the most. But, most of the couples stress themselves because of every little thing and end up looking uncomfortable on their wedding story. So, stop getting tensed because your flower vendor has delivered roses instead of African lilies or that 'chaat' is way spicier than your liking. Remember, goof ups during any event are inevitable. Hence, forget and move on.
Makeup right: Hire a makeup artist only after going through her work. Ask for recommendations from verified sources. Always go for a trial before the big day. Avoid glitters at any cost, they are not for grown-ups. Opt for shimmery shades instead. Focus on your assets and accentuate them. If you have big eyes, go for the smoky eyed look and keep the rest of the look minimal. The basic idea is to strike a balance so that you don’t look overwhelming. Remember, water-resistant makeup is your best friend who will not leave you during your emotional pangs.
Choose the right outfit: Select your wedding attire sensibly as per your shape, skin tone and the season. Do not buy a fishtail skirt, worn by that skinny actress in a blockbuster, if you are bottom heavy. Go for A-line lehengas instead. Shades of red and pink are a safe bet for weddings, but you can also play with complementing shades. Make sure that your attire color is not merging with your surroundings. If your venue’s theme color is lavender, you will rock in bright oranges, yellows and fuchsias. Also, try to be as comfortable in your outfit as possible. If it is summer, skip velvets and heavy silks. Because the more comfortable you feel, the better you will look.
Practice a few poses: Although candid photography is all about going au natural, there is no harm is practicing a few poses in front of your mirror, especially if you suffer from camera-shyness. Find your better profile. Lower chin, tilt head at an angle to the camera and don’t look straight at it. Your smiles need to look genuine and should reflect in your eyes too. For this, hold your breath and smile and just before the camera clicks, release the breath maintaining the same stance. Your posture makes a big difference in making you look leaner on your wedding photo story. While standing, suck in your stomach, elongate your spine and keep your shoulders away from your body. Seat at an angle and use your dupatta to hide a not-so-perfect mid-section.

Hire a professional photographer: We know, your friend can click a few of your photos, but will they be worth treasuring? Don’t skimp on quality photography, at least on your wedding. A professional photographer knows how to get breathtaking images in a crowded setup like weddings. How to adjust the gears as per the changing lights and from which angle an image will look ethereal. Hence, always rely on a seasoned photographer to shoot your wedding love story and be prepared to revisit your most memorable day again and again.    

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