How Do I Select the Best Bridal Hair Comb?

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To select the perfect bridal hair comb, you will need to consider a few things, including the size, style, and design of the hair comb. It is vitally important to choose a comb that will match the style of your wedding dress and that complements your hair style. Other things to think about are whether you would like the hair comb to have an attached veil and whether you wish for a single hair comb or more than one.

A bridal hair comb can at the same time be both decorative and functional. The design of the comb allows it to be attached to the hair to hold the style in place, and because this is such a special, and a long day, it is maybe a good idea to use a hair comb with another method of securing the hair to make sure it stays in place. For instance, bobby pins or hair pins are frequently used and then the hair comb is placed over the pins to conceal them as well as to add a decorative element to the bride’s hair.

Making the Right Choice

Knowing beforehand how you plan to wear your bridal hair and makeup in Perth, will help you to select the ideal hair combs. Choose combs that will stay visible in your hair after it has been styled as that will also complement the hair style. Small hair combs can be engaged on both sides of the head with the back of the hair pinned up or left loose. One large hair comb can be utilised with some up-dos as well as with hair that is worn down.

It is best to select a bridal hair comb after a wedding dress has been chosen. Knowing the style and decorative style of the dress will assist you in selecting a comb that will match the dress in its style and design. For example, if you've chosen a vintage dress with let’s say a pearl bodice, you might wish for vintage hair combs that have pearl embellishments. Whereas, if the dress is plain and without any adornments, you may just prefer hair accessories that have a lot of flair.

Choice of Decoration

Hair combs come in a varied range of sizes and styles and decorations also. You might prefer rhinestones, pearls, flowers,feathers or even ribbon. Bridal hair combs are also available in many colours and are available in metal or plastic.Some styles of bridal hair comb come with an attached veil and these types of combs are commonly used in lieu of other styles of headpiece and veil, such as the crown or tiara style. When selecting a comb with an attached veil, it will be necessary for you to choose the length and colour of the veil and also any kind of trim you may wish for.

With such a choice, you can’t go wrong!

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